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Jan 21, 2016

Gift Card Channels Innovate

InComm Teams Up with eBay

Arlene Hauben

Consumers have gotten used to picking out gift cards from racks in supermarkets, drug stores, department stores, and convenience stores. They purchase gift cards through the internet, by accessing favorite retail websites, such as Starbucks or Home Depot, and by shopping on general purchase gift card sites.

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Dec 16, 2015

Comcast’s Eye on the MVNO Market

Wi-Fi and Cellular Technology in Place

Arlene Hauben

With Wi-Fi hotspots and cellular technology in place, Comcast, a pioneer in cable TV, is ready to challenge the big carriers in the mobile space. Next year may see the entrance of Comcast into the MVNO market, should it exercise its option on a partnership signed with Verizon Wireless in 2011.

Dec 15, 2015

Striking Prepaid Gold

Bullion Backs New Card

Ed McKinley

Gold. Since the dawn of history, the glittering yellow metal has granted its owners the power to change the course of civilization. It captures the imagination and alters the soul. No one has ever had enough.


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